Everyone needs a backup key at some point.

We are pleased to offer on-site key cutting in the metro area.

We Bring The Keys to You

We can provide you with door-to-door key cutting thanks to two things: our amazing team of professionally trained locksmiths, and our mobile response vehicles that come packed with all of the tools needed to replicate all kinds of keys on the spot.

Our backup key creation is handled by experienced locksmiths who come to you along with all of the tools that they need. Your keys are cut on the premises and you can test them out before we leave.

They bring all the tools they need with them to service a broad range of locks.

Our professional locksmiths make sure the job is done right the first time.

You won't need to worry about a key failing you at a critical moment, or having to return to the store to have a mistake corrected.

We duplicate all types of keys including:

  • Car Keys
  • House Keys
  • Transponder Key Services
  • Mailbox keys
  • Master Keys
  • Office Keys
  • Office Keys

We take pride in our reputation for customer service and getting your key replacements to you in a timely manner.

When you call for our on-site key cutting service, you can put your mind at ease knowing the job will be handled swiftly, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Your keys won't fail you when you need them most, and you won't have to waste time and money returning to a store to have problems fixed.

Key Broke In Lock

We take pride in serving the metro area.

Our local locksmiths will come to you when you need new keys made.

Our process is far superior to bringing keys into a hardware store for copies.

It eliminates the uncertainty of having an employee who is not properly trained in lock operations do it.

While having locksmiths come to you to create keys might seem like a luxury, it can actually be the most cost-effective way to have backup keys made.

For example, office buildings and corporate campuses often have trouble finding someone to take care of their key system needs.

It's just a smarter way to have backup keys made.

Mechanical keys might seem simple, but even a tiny mistake in cutting can render the key inoperable.

Though you see electronic locks and key cards more often these days, mechanical locks are still by far the most prevalent across all different types of applications (and especially in the area of residential locks).

Keys for mechanical locks still have to be cut by someone trained to use the appropriate tools.

The systems of springs and pins inside of a lock is very precise, so even tiny mistakes in cutting can cause a key to not do its job properly.

If everything doesn't line up exactly as it is supposed to, you won't be able to open the lock.

Why is precision so important when creating a backup key? Most lock systems operate using a series of pins that are connected to very small springs.

The teeth on your key are set to push those pins inward to a unique pattern.

You might be thinking that having a key cutting service come to you will be much more expensive than bringing keys in to a store.

Each of the pins has to line up perfectly with the pattern the lock has been set to.

Since the key creation process involves precision cutting and grinding, it's easy for someone who is inexperienced to make small mistakes that aren't easily caught by the human eye.

A professional locksmith who is at your location will not only make the keys the right way, but is right there to test them in the locks and make sure everything is working properly before they leave.

Types of Keys

No key is too much of a challenge for us. We're equipped to handle even uncommon types of locks.

In addition to keys for your home, we can help you with backups for commercial settings and even for vehicles.

We can duplicate keys from all the major brands and manufacturers including:

  • Master Lock
  • Master Lock
  • Schlagle
  • Kwikset
  • Titan
  • Weiser

These are just some examples of major lock brands that we see all the time. We can handle key cutting for many more types of locks.

Just about any home, office or automotive lock is within our ability to service.

We also take pride in offering reasonable and affordable rates, even if you're in an emergency situation late at night.

We strive to always provide the best value in your area, to give the best possible service to our customers and to do business with them for a long time to come.

We pride ourselves on superior service, quick response times and technical know-how.

We want you to keep our phone number on hand and think of us first when any key replacement needs come up.

Need a spare key today? Give us a call and we'll get right to you. You'll be pleased by our affordable prices.

We want to see you again and again, and to keep us in mind any time you need the services of a locksmith - not just during an emergency.

We'd love to hear from you, and you can reach us at any time.

Give us a call whenever you need a spare key made for any application.

Why Spare Keys are So Important

People often don't think about spare keys until they are locked out of their house at night, or their keys fall out of their pocket at work and they can't get back into their car.

The time to take care of spare key needs is before an accident occurs.

Office backup keys are also a virtual necessity to prevent unexpected disruptions to operations and loss of revenue from a lockout.

New keys can be copied directly from an existing key in no time. If the existing key is missing, a skilled locksmith can fashion new keys just by working with the lock.

You don't have to go to the hardware store for new keys or make an appointment in advance when you use our services; just call and we'll come to you when it's convenient.

Spare keys are something that many people don't think about until it is too late.

While it is certainly possible for locksmiths to make new keys just by accessing the lock, you can avoid that whole process by having an adequate set of backup keys on hand.

Take some time to check over your various home, work and vehicle keys and think about what would happen if each went missing tomorrow.

When you call us for your key cutting needs, you can have confidence that everything will be done right the first time and that we won't leave you until all your needs have been taken care of.

We can handle just about any type of key cutting in any setting, whether it be residential or commercial.

Automotive keys are also no problem.

For any questions or to schedule service, please give us a call.

If you have any questions about our key cutting process or want to make use of our services, please give us a call.