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Why do we have to replace my lock instead of repairing it?

While repairing a lock may seem like a less expensive option, sometimes there is no choice but to change the locks completely. If none of the internal components have been damaged, it might be possible to repair it, but if the lock is damaged beyond repair, you will need to replace it.

This can be the case when damage results from an external force (such as an attempted burglary or a break-in). Sometimes the locks on well-used doors simply break down over time.

When that happens, the best solution to secure your home is a lock change. No matter what the circumstances, let our locksmiths give you their professional recommendation on whether to repair or replace.

If the damage to your lock was caused by a burglary, robbery, or other forced entry, you will most likely want a complete unlocking services. Another reason for a lock change is serious wear on highly used doors that can limit the efficiency of your lock.

Because your door is integral to your home security, it's important to make the choice that provides you the best protection.

Of course, it is quicker if you choose the same lock model, because the door is already primed for that installation. If you choose a different model, we may need to make minor changes to your door, which could take just a little bit longer.

Will my door be damaged in the process of changing locks?

Our locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced, and they have done numerous lock changes for customers like you. Changing a lock can most often be completed in approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Do I need to change my door if I want to replace my old lock with a smart lock?

It will take much less time if you decide to simply swap out the old lock with the same model.

Our locksmiths might have to make some small alternations in order for a new smart lock to fit the existing door, but a new door will not be needed – unless you want one!

But not to worry, our locksmiths can easily make the minor alterations required to accommodate the new lock of your choice.

How do I know it's time to replace or change my lock?

There should be no damage to your door from this process. The highly skilled professional locksmiths take great care to ensure your door looks just like it did when we leave.

Is a smart lock a good choice for my lock change?

It can be sudden or gradual, but you will know if there is a problem.

These types of locks employ combinations and pin pads, rather than relying solely on keys like traditional locks. This provides great flexibility for customers who don't want to carry house keys or those who might have a habit of losing them.

Also, if you happen to forget the combination or pin number, it's easy to reset them.

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New Locks Installation

Most customers who call us found it obvious something was wrong with their locks.

If you have any reason to believe the lock has been compromised, call us for a professional opinion.

We advise customers to call as soon as they notice something is wrong, so our professional locksmiths can get to work before it's too late.

Taking care of a worn-out lock sooner rather than later can save money on replacement and improve your home's security. We have known customers who waited too long after noticing a problem, and as a result, had to deal with more significant and costly damage and repairs.

We recommend homeowners prioritize maintaining their locks.

Don't simply take for granted that the lock will always work correctly.

Signs your lock is ready for a change

Our locksmiths can help with maintenance and repairs before you get to the point of needing a lock change.

Those include break-ins or attempted burglaries that cause significant damage to your locks. Living with any kind of forced entry is a scary time, so Our skilled and honest representatives will be there to help you feel more secure with a new lock.

Locks that break during external force are proof that you needed a better lock solution for your home.

Such force can cause internal damage that renders the locks useless.

That means you might not be as safe as you felt when the lock kept someone out.

As a matter of fact, locks that have been compromised are easier to pick and break.

Be attentive to things like rusted locks.

Another thing to pay attention to when you find yourself struggling to unlock or lock your door, even when you are using the correct key.

This is sometimes more apparent on cold nights.

You do not want to open yourself up to a potential crime if you can simply replace the lock and put your mind at ease.

There are some things to watch for that could keep a unlocking services at bay. If you see a lock is rusting, or if you have to jiggle the key too much to get it to unlock, you need to have your lock looked at by a professional locksmith.

Worn-down or damaged locks are more susceptible to picking or breaking.

New Locks Installation

New Locks Installation

If someone broke in, it shows the locks were not strong enough to stop a burglary of your home.

And if criminals were able to bypass the locks, they are likely significantly damaged.

It's always best to make an inquiry and get our professional recommendations.

The force that must be used to break in a locked door usually damages the internal mechanics of a lock or the lock itself.

A damaged lock puts you at a higher risk of being victimized again.

Also, mechanical failures as a result of a break-in could result in malfunctions that could leave you locked out of your own home.

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your lock and make sure it remains in good working order.

We believe it's best to assume that your keys could fall into the hands of someone who shouldn't have them.

In that case, we recommend changing the locks on all your doors.

In most cases, that will require a unlocking services.

Can I use a smart lock?

Great question! For many customers, smart locks provide an easy and secure way to enter and lock your home.

Most of these locks also have an option that allows you to open the door with the key in case you forget the combination or identification number.

If you happen to forget the passcodes, you can reset them.

That's better than the alternative if you lose your keys, and you have to unlocking services or replace your locks.

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