It's common for a car key to become worn to the point where its teeth don't match the lock and won't open it at all.

For less worn keys, it may take a few attempts to open the car door before the key will work.

If the latter happens to you, consider it a warning to replace your car keys as soon as you can.

If you ignore the problem, the keys will continue to wear out and you could find yourself stranded somewhere and unable to get into your own vehicle.

This can prevent you from becoming stranded when you can't start your car or getting locked out of it entirely.


What do I need to do to replace my car keys?

We always tell customers that they have one of three choices.

The first is to take your current set of keys to the dealership where you bought the car and ask them to cut replacement keys for you.

They should be able to do this without problem, although it may cost more than you were expecting to pay.

Unfortunately, high repair or replacement prices are a common problem at auto dealerships.

The second option you can explore is to try to replace your own car keys.

It's important that you know exactly what you're doing and that you buy or rent the proper tools to do so.

If you try to guess the instructions or use the wrong set of tools, you could end up with damaged keys that could eventually cause widespread damage to the ignition or an outside lock.

Your final option, and the one that we highly recommend, is to contact us and request that we dispatch a professional locksmith technician to your current location.

Upon arrival, he or she will create a replacement set of keys for you.

What is the advantage of working with a professional locksmith for new car keys?

We strongly believe that working with our company provides the most effective option at the most affordable price.

What are the benefits to working with a professional locksmith for key replacement?

As mentioned above, going to an auto dealership for this service can blow your budget in a hurry.

Will I need to provide you with my original key to get a replacement?

When you work with us, you know that we back both our products and workmanship.

We can easily duplicate your existing key without having to find the code from the original.

Do I need to present my original key before you can create a new one?

Although this isn't necessary, it is helpful to make the key creation process go faster.

However, we can duplicate your car key even if we are unable to look for a code on your original key.

Thanks to advances in technology, locksmiths no longer need to have a physical copy of the key that requires replacement.

What if my original key is too damaged or I lost it?

Once we do that, we can use your unique vehicle identification number to create a key for your vehicle.

Replacing your car key after you have had it extracted

To get started, our locksmith first needs to confirm your ownership of the vehicle.

With that information, he or she can obtain your vehicle identification number and input that into our replication equipment to make you a new key.

There's even a chance that a professional locksmith could cause some damage when trying to extract a key.

We encourage you to resist the temptation to extract any part of a broken key from your car's ignition cylinder or from an outside door.

When you don't have the right equipment and expertise, it's easy to damage your key or lock even more.

We hope you can see why it's in your best interest to contact our company to have key extraction performed by a professional and qualified car lockouts technician rather than attempt it on your own.

If that happens to you, contact us to repair the damage.

We also guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services.

With all the options available to you, working with a professional car lockouts technician is the way to go.

We require each of our service employees to complete ongoing education to make sure that they can work with keys for any make or model of vehicle.

Although fixing it at no charge is the right thing to do, not everyone shares the same values.

You could end up frustrated and wasting a lot of time arguing with a locksmith to do this.

Calling us can save you both time and money rather than hoping that another company will relent and fix their damage without charging you for it.

With some keys, the cracks and corrosion make it obvious that they're about to break.

Sometimes a car key can break with little warning.

We are happy to repair your key no matter how it broke. Please contact us at our 24-hour dispatch center to request assistance.

We will repair or replace the key promptly so you can get back to your everyday life.

When you consider that you typically carry several keys on a ring that may be the same shape or color, it's easy to understand how this mistake happens.

It's easy to make this mistake, especially when you have several keys on a keychain and many of them look alike.

Before you realize that you have the wrong key, you could spend several minutes trying to force it to open the door or start the ignition.

We are happy to provide service or wherever you happen to find yourself.

No matter how your car key breaks, we're available to provide you with immediate assistance.

When you call our dispatch center, we guarantee that a locksmith technician will arrive in 30 minutes or less.

Our crew can accomplish this because they always carry the proper equipment and don't have to waste time retrieving it.

Our experienced locksmiths have the skills to replace transponder, remote, or standard car keys from any model or make of vehicle currently available within the United States.

What should I do when my key gets bent or warped?

You can tell when a key is warped when it has noticeable cracks or bends.

Should this happen to you, please call us 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

As an industry leader in this State and across the country, we pride ourselves on our quality work, professionalism, and response time.

By fixing your warped key now, you can avoid the frustration of a lockout or not being able to start your car later.

What to do about a lost or stolen car key

If someone has stolen your car keys or you have misplaced them, it's important to arrange for a replacement as soon as possible.

It's essential to do this as soon as possible to protect yourself, your vehicle, and any personal belongings that you keep inside of it.

In this situation, you need a professional locksmith company that will come directly to your location to cut a new set of keys while you wait.

We serve you and guarantee that we will arrive no later than 30 minutes after your request for service. Our company can also program replacement transponder and key fobs or change the locks of your car upon request.

We create replacement keys for damaged vehicle locks

Certain situations, such as a minor collision with another car or someone attempting to break into your car, can make it seem like your car drives differently.

In reality, the changed behavior of your vehicle could happen because of damage to its locks.

It's even possible that a faulty lock caused your keys to break.

In any case, we encourage you to call us right away and ask us to cut a new key for you.

Without question, we are never satisfied with the status quo.

When you need repair services for a faulty car lock or need inexpensive replacement of car keys, our company is available to help 24 hours a day.

Just call us. Without question, it's our desire to exceed your expectations and continue to serve as the country's leading car lockouts company.

When you call our toll-free dispatch number, we will send a certified locksmith to your location in 30 minutes or less.

Thanks to our affiliation with an extensive network of professional locksmiths, we can dispatch a certified technician to your location within 30 minutes.

Remember that we are always available whenever you need us, even in the middle of the night.