What are key fobs?

Key fobs control multiple electronic functions of your vehicle and you typically hold one in your hand.

Its major functions include starting your car and opening or locking its doors.

With some fobs, you can even start your car without touching the steering wheel or ignition switch.

It is most often part of a mechanical key set or can be a separate device made from hard plastic.

Fob manufacturers typically create them from hard plastic.

You just push a button on your fob that corresponds with its unique function.

We're happy to let you know that We are available 24 hours a day if you find yourself in that situation.

This makes losing one a real hassle.

If that happens to you, just call us at any time of the day or night for immediate help.

Once a locksmith arrives at your location, he or she will learn about the specifications for your car in order to match it to a new key fob.

The next step is to program the fob and test it to ensure it works correctly.

We understand that no one wants to be without the key fob for their car.

Next, they program the key fob and test it to make sure it works as expected.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge about car security and will provide you with better service than you would receive at a dealership for a lower cost.

Feel free to contact us as soon as you realize that you have lost your fob or that it needs repair.

We are experts with this skill as well.

We want you to feel safe in addition to fully satisfied with the work we perform.

Will you be able to program my fob?

Each one of our locksmiths has undergone extensive training and carries the necessary tools to program any type of key fob.

This includes those that run entirely on electricity.

After programming your new fob, they can also deprogram the key set you have now to ensure that your car's computer works with the right information.

You can't take chances when it comes to your personal security and the security of your vehicle.

Too many variables are at play to answer a simple yes or no to this question.

We're available to help you whenever you find yourself in need of our services.

How hard is it to replace a key fob?

It's easier to do when you only need an unbranded and general fob, but we have no problem replacing a factory-made fob as well.

We will complete this task as quickly as possible so you don't have to spend any more time than necessary dealing with a car lock issue.

Would anything bad happen if I program my own fob?

We can replace keys made direct from the factory as well.

The first thing you need to do is locate a blank remote.

Should I try to program a fob myself?

Be certain that the fob you find is blank or your programming efforts will fail.

Another thing you should know is that you might not be able to locate all of the tools you need to complete this job.

Keep in mind it won't work right unless it's blank and no one attempted to program it previously.

Some people start this job only to end up frustrated because the tools they need aren't available to the public.

Can you explain the different options I have for key fob replacement?

We think the best of your three options is working with professional locksmiths from our company.

This ensures that quality and speed of the work.

A second choice is to take your key fob to a car dealership and buy a new one.

A dealership employee can program it for you, but it will likely cost you much more than either of your other options.

Although not all dealerships do this, some have the reputation of taking advantage of people who appear desperate for help by increasing the price as much as they can.

It's unfortunate, but some dealerships see your desperate need to fix the problem as an opportunity to charge as much as possible.

Most dealerships will sell you the fob you need as well as program it.

The choice to self-program a fob isn't available with every type of vehicle.

It will cost you the least amount of money at the time of service, but it's very likely you will pay more later when the replacement breaks due to improper programming or another common error.

However, you should know that this won't be an option for every make and model of vehicle.

We are certain that our professional locksmithing service offers you that.

For example, you may need to call a professional locksmith in the future to undo any damage you created with the fob due to not having any experience programming them.

When you consider our transparent and competitive pricing model, we hope you will agree that working with a professional is your best bet.

How long should I expect this to take?

Most jobs take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, but it could be more or less depending on the number and complexity of the steps we need to follow to program your fob.

In the event that our locksmiths don't need to access your car's diagnostic portal, the total time for replacement is typically less.

Situations that can drive the time estimate up are when we need to cut or deprogram a key.

Due to the extensive experience our locksmiths bring to their jobs, this normally goes quickly as well.

Rest assured, we will never hurry through a job at the expense of quality or safety.

Do you need my car to be there when you're working on programming my fob?


We can only create a replacement for your fob when the vehicle is in the same vicinity.

This is the best way for us to make sure that the programming we just completed works as expected.

If your car won't start or you don't feel comfortable driving it, remember that you can contact our dispatch center.

Regardless of your location here or in the nearby communities, we're available to help you any time that you need us.

If you're stranded because of your car lock problem, please locate a safe location to wait until we arrive.

We know that it isn't always easy to trust someone else to work on your car.

Many of our staff have experienced damage such as dents and scratches when leaving their vehicle for repair.

We are so certain of the quality of our work that we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

You will soon see that it was a good decision to allow us to complete the work on your key fob and not experience the frustration of trying to do it yourself.

Our locksmiths take pride in their job and feel a deep satisfaction from helping customers when they're in a bad situation.

Our locksmiths chose this line of work because they enjoy helping people through a stressful situation.

This can create anxiety, especially if it leaves you stuck in an unfamiliar area.

When you contact our dispatch center, we will send someone right away and get you back on the road in no time.

There's never a bad time to call us or to trust us with your car.

Our company is pleased to offer the following types of key services:

  • Car key extraction
  • Remote keys
  • Car keys
  • Car keys
  • Programming Fob keys
  • Programming Fob keys

It isn't always easy to replace a car key. However, having a proper key is essential for your car to work right as well as for your safety.

This isn't the time to take chances when a professional locksmith is readily available at 24 hours a day.

You don't have to risk anything when you call our company for immediate help with key fob repair or replacement.

He or she will also test the key in your ignition and locks before leaving the job site.

After creating your new key, our locksmith technician will insert it into your car locks or ignition to make sure everything works correctly.

We look for the model and design of your key to make sure that we create the new one correctly.

When creating your new key, we always look for the design and model using your old key if it's available or we look up the information.

Our company requires service employees to inspect each lock personally and use the specifications of the lock to create its replacement.

All of this takes place in a matter of minutes while you wait.

Do you need emergency key fob repair or replacement? Would you like a free quote with no follow-up obligation? If so, be sure to call our company as soon as you can.